Three-dimensional Interior DESIGN of an Image Clinic

A New Way of Observing for Interior architecture

COLORS AND TEXTURES has an important psychological function for humans.
Our team of architects and interior designers consider this possibility in the form of a psychological CURE. Some sites are important for the physical healing of the patient in question. The Image clinic project is made for the people of the 21st century. Imaging clinics are used by people every day now, so they have become environments that are difficult to access through the dry and lifeless environment. We at Studio Civitare would like to bring life to this controversial subject nowadays.
We use colors and textures to vitalize the environment and let the patients and family who are waiting for the result of your exam with a more synergistic, more cheerful energy. Locations such as clinics and hospitals have so many practical functions that psychological functions are often overlooked in inter-agency deisgn projects. Here, we would like to present a new idea, a new method of working that does not leave the environment sad. We like to leave the atmosphere cheerful and alive.