Progetto Giovanni Battista Grattoni “Wood furniture for the table”

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Progetto Giovanni Battista Grattoni

“Wood furniture for the table”



The Contest “Progetto Giovanni Battista Grattoni” takes place every two years and its aim is a reward for the participant who, with the final decision of a jury, will stand out thanks to his/her ability and creativity in the realization of a home furnishings project which is able to perform the topic of this edition: a wood furniture for the table.
As a matter of fact the fifth edition of the Progetto G.B.Grattoni is looking for new ideas for a reinterpretation of the wood and the realisation of a wood furniture for the table, thinking about something unbelievably contemporary. It has to be able to satisfy the needs of the people and to impove our daily life.
The edition of 2018 ask designers, architects and creatives from all over the world to search for and test innovative projects which are able to value our relationship with and connection to the wood and the table.



The Progetto is sponsored and organised by the company “Mobili Casabella S.r.l.” on permises in Pavia di Udine (UD) Via Trieste n.42.
The winner of the Progetto will get a reward of € 1.000,00 and a Royalty Agreement which provides for the realization of the award-winning-project and the consequent sale of the concerning home furnishings by Mobili Casabella S.r.l..Moreover, further two projects will be selected and they will obtain a special notice and an award of € 250,00 each one. ( For more information read the tender notice).






The jury will consist of experts in love with design. Each member of the jury will express his/her vote for the nomination of the winner with a concised motivation. The Participant’s project, who has taken the major number of votes from the jury, will be the winner of the contest. If parity, the members of the jury will do a new vote between the projects with parity, untill the winner will become one. The guidelines used to value the achieved projects, which have been also believed persuasive in comparison to the previously underlined guidelines, are: – Production and Reproduction – Placement/ market/Sale – Originality – Ability to start the realization of a line of complementary furnitures – Sustainability (economical, procedural, enviromental and social) – Sense and function





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