FRI-SHIRT Architecture Competition

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Clothes are not simple garments. They are not a mere exterior fact or a trivial masking of one’s body. Clothes are, first of all, expression of identity, visible statement of our most intimate and hidden inner reality.
Clothes have always been the first and most immediate propaganda and communication tool. The purple of the Emperors of Byzantium and the extravagant looks of the current pop stars: fashion has constantly materialized hierarchies, social statuses or – more recently- ideas and systems of values. From time to time, the person wearing clothes or society itself had to identify with them.
Among the garments that have marked the history of fashion, the garment that has had more impact on the mass culture of the last century is- without any doubt- the T-shirt. Icons as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando, John Wayne and Madonna used to wear it. By recalling the history of the T-shirt, it is possible to evoke the last 105 years of mankind from the wars that dominated the first half of the 20th century to the vintage passion that has been characterizing the last decades.

Today, the T-shirt is more than ever a manifesto, an open declaration of a specific message, a perfect instrument to tell something about oneself.
Fashion Research Italy is the foundation established by Alberto Masotti, who is the former owner of the group La Perla. As the T-shirt is the perfect instrument to tell something about oneself, this foundation aims at celebrating its birthday inviting designers, graphic designers and creative talents to design a T-shirt to be the expression of the most intimate identity of the Foundation.
Made in Italy, creativity and innovation. These are the values through which Fashion Research Italy aims at expressing its own identity to the world. These values will have to be included in its T-shirt, which will be the most modern canvas on which artists, creative talents and designers will have the opportunity to express their own talent and creativity.

Through FRI-shirt, graphic designers and creative talents can design a T-shirt to be the expression of a Foundation, which is considered as one of the most important cultural centers of the Italian fashion scenario. They will define a collection garment destined to become a cult object for the fashion addicts of the whole world.



“early bird” registration
50 €/ team *
24 September 2018: Start
28 October 2018: End
End “standard” registration
75 €/ team *
29 October 2018: Start
25 November 2018: End
“late” registration
100 €/ team *
26 November 2018: Start
20 December 2018: End
7 January 2019: Start
Jury summoning
11 February 2019: End – Results announcement



1st PRIZE / 5.000 €
2nd PRIZE / 2.000 €
3rd PRIZE / 1.000 €
n. 4 GOLD MENTIONS / 500 €



“early bird” registration
50 €/ team *
End “standard” registration
75 €/ team *
“late” registration
100 €/ team *



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