Khoisan Aldeia – Africa




Khoisan or Khoi-San (also spelled as a thing or something) is the unifying designation of two ethnic groups from south-West Africa that share some distinct physical and linguistic characteristics from the majority of southern Africa’s Banta. These two groups are the SAN, also known as Bushmen or Bushmen and who are hunters-gatherers, and the Khoikhoi, who are pastors and who have been called hotentotes by the European settlers. Apparently, these people have a long history, estimated in several thousand (perhaps tens of thousands) of years, but are now reduced to small populations, located mainly in the Kalahari Desert in Namibia, but also in Botswana and Angola .








An aerial view of a small rural village settlement, with traditional buildings and animal enclosures.








Fractal Geometry















Ethnic map of Angola in 1970 (areas where there are population nuclei marked in dark red)

(source: Wikipedia)


Khoisan engaged in roasting grasshoppers on grills. 1805. Aquatint by Samuel Daniell

(source: wikipedia)



Khoisan People in the desert.