Young Bird Plan 2018 Suzhou Dayang Mountain Slow Traffic System Conceptual Design Competition

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Young Bird Plan 2018
Suzhou Dayang Mountain Slow Traffic System Conceptual Design Competition



The competition aims to maximize innovation in an international vision and utilize site resources creatively in order to tap its potential to the full. By designing a slow traffic system, We hope to transform the region of Dayang Mountain into a melting pot for slow walking in the city which may also strengthen the connection among various functional districts, decrease a sense of isolation between Dayang Mountain and other districts, satisfy the spatial demands of citizens and improve people’s living standards. Existing problems and urban spatial quality should be fully considered and closely connected during the design. Designers have to ensure their schemes are reasonable and practical. Schemes are expected to improve urban quality and further promote brand image of Dayang Mountain. Your design shall optimize the comprehensive spatial quality in the city and strengthen its competitiveness. This competition is launched by Young Bird Plan, an international competition platform, Suzhou New District and Vanke Group.

Suzhou Dayang Mountain National Forest Park, the site, is located in Xushuguan Economic and Technological Development, Suzhou New District. It stretches from Taihu Avenue on the south side, Xingxian Road on the north, Lake Taihu on the west, and Yangshan Ring Road on the east. 10 kilometers from downtown Suzhou, the site covers an area of 2000 hectares with 1002 hectares area covered by forest. That’s the reason it gains a reputation as “Green lung for the city”. The park also features various tourist attractions, including Wenshu Temple and Moya Stone Carving, providing abundant and enjoyable experience for all walkers.

This competition challenges creative minds to envision a slow traffic system within the Dayang Mountain National Forest Park and its eastern neighborhood until Jian Lin Road. The site contains a mix of residential, commercial, and tourism uses. These places need to be integrated and energized by a scheme, in order to elevate the qualities of spaces and people’s life, strengthen the connections between different functions, and uncover the potential values of local area.

This competition aims to improve spatial connectivity and qualities based on different users’ practical needs for better life, environment and culture. It seeks creative and suitable schemes that carefully consider people’s daily demands and habits, solve hidden problems ahead, create livable places, and explore new approaches to achieving the functional integration of different areas, including tourist attractions, residential and commercial areas.



2018.07.28 Call for entries

2018.09.30 Registration Deadline

2018.10.07 Submission Deadline

2018.10.19 Release of Top 100

2018.11.02 Release of Top 30

2018.11.09 Release of Top 3

2018.11.16 Release of the Champion



First Prize

1 winner; RMB 100,000 (pre-tax; no overlap with the other Top 3 prizes); Certificate of Award.

✰ Top 3 (except the first prize)

2 winners; 20,000 RMB for each (pre-tax); Certificate of Award.

TOP 3 schemes will be adopted by local government in the future project.

✰ Top 10

10 winners, RMB 10,000 for each (pre-tax);each group will gain an opportunity offered by Vanke Group to design a sculpture installation of interactive landscape (budget for each project is limited to RMB 80,000); completed installations will be put in Vanke communities; Certificate of Award.

✰ People’s Choice Award

1 winner, Certificate of Award

✰ School-level champions will be awarded Certificate of Award and recommended to work in famous design institutes or developer companies.

✰ Top 100: Certificate of Participation;YoungBirds Magazine.

✰ All winners would be awarded Certificate and published on YoungBirdPlan official website and YoungBirds Magazine.

























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