Young Bird Plan 2018 On the Frontier Toilet Design International Competition in Yongchuan District Chongqing City FREE ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION

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Young Bird Plan 2018 – On the Frontier Toilet Design
International Competition in Yongchuan District Chongqing City



RONTIER here means pioneering spirit and revolutionary awareness brought by this new era which is a gift for young designers, and at the same time, they shoulder the duties to boost the evolution of spaces. An energetic and innovative design ismore than imagination. It shall be feasible, meaningful, and on the frontier, viz. ground-breaking. An ambitious and practical designer is able to show thepower of the age and esthetics.

Therefore, On the Frontier competition series launched by Young Bird Plan and Dong Peng is planned to solve the most urgent problems in an innovative way. The first task is to devise a public toilet concerning for people’s basic needs and respecting of local features and culture.

Subtle changes always lead to bigresults. The process of urban regeneration cannot be advanced without concerning small facets. A quality toilet, the most private area in public place, willusher in a revolution of public spaces. Based on that, Dongpeng and Young Bird Plan launch “On the Frontier” public toilet competition, aiming to consolidate brand awareness and the site’s position in the city, and find an innovative, cutting-edge, practicable approach to reform rural public spaces, by connecting industry, brand, local culture and context.

In our daily life, one person needs to use the bathroom 6 to 8 times per day on average, spending 4% of the time one day in it. During an 80-year lifespan, one person totally takes 3 years in this private place. Hence, if a toilet with 6 to 8 year life cycles serves 80 peopleper day, the whole time users spend in it will amount to 3 years.

The same underlying logic is also applicable to public spaces. In large-scale ruralareas, public toilets tend to be significant nodes, telling the status of local development. Compared with other public spaces with different functions incities and villages, public toilets meet the basic needs of people, and are familiar to everyone.

Then, how can public toilets respond to spatial development and be ahead of counterparts in quality?

According to spatial cognition theory, the first impression of a space is determined by colors and textures. This competition challenges contestants to reasonably utilize brand-related materials and bathroom products, and improve the spatial quality of public toilet in rural areas. 

Dong Peng, the co-organizer, seeks human-centered and innovative entries in this competition. The two elements arevery important because they are the main parts of its brand philosophy. As aleading brand providing integrated solutions to bathroom, Dong Peng has developed a series of pioneering products on the basis of science, technique, and life. Its products are intelligent, user-centered, healthy, energy-saving andeco-friendly. Therefore, contestants are expected to solve the current problemsof public toilets in an objective and creative way, optimize the use oftechniques and products, and integrate them into peoples’ life. 



2018.09.28        Call for entries

 2018.11.14        Registration deadline

 2018.11.21        Submission deadline

 2018.11.30        Release of Top 100

☞ 2018.12.04        Release of Top 30

 2018.12.10        Release of Top 3

☞ 2019.01.11        Release of the champion



Top 3 projects will be constructed by the co-organizer, Dong Peng Group and supporters in Yongchuan District.

 First Prize

1 winner; 30,000 RMB (pre-tax) and Certificate of Award.

 Top 3 (Except first prize)

2 winners; 10,000 RMB (pre-tax) and Certificate of Award.

 1 entrant who receive the most votes during the public voting process on YoungBirdPlan website will win the Certificate of People’s Choice Award and be recommended to work in famous design institutes.

 Each of Top 100 will be awarded Certificate of Award, a publication by YoungBirdPlan, and the opportunity to be published on YoungBirdPlan website and publication..

 All selected participants will be awarded certificates.




















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