WUXIANG Mountain Tourism Public Earth Art Competition FREE ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION

Register November 21, 2019 | Submit November 21, 2019 | Free Architecture Competitons



WUXIANG Mountain Tourism Public Earth Art Competition



We invite you:Think about the abstractness and reality-meaning of contemporary art and Dhyana, which will stimulate thought and reflect the stamp of the age; Think about the relationship between human and the earth; Think about how to dig new value from countryside; Think about how to propagate local culture turning into internetional with the power of art. Let’s make the local culture of WUXIANG mountain into an infinite miracle by contemporary concepts and methods.














The first prize (1)

The second prize (2)

The third prize (3)

Finalist (36) 10,000rmb
one winner in each site
(30 regular site and 6 optional site)
Winners have the opportunity to complete their artworks.



Participation is free



Matthew • Jarratt
Director of creative consultancy MatthewJarratt.com advising business and organisations on commissioning artists and art

Takahiro Kaneshima
Executive Director-Elect, Art Fair Tokyo (assumes role on June 1, 2010). Director of FEC (Far East Contemporaries).

Tony • Brown
Professor at ecole des beaux arts Paris, France One of the first artists in the early 80s to produce cutting edge technologically oriented installation art

Sui jian guo
Professor and ex-chairman of the Department of Sculpture in Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing Contemporary Chinese artist

Zhao li
Founder of AMRC & Contemporary Art Document founder and director of Chinese Art Market Research Center researcher of Fine Art Collage of National Fine Art League

Sun qian
Art promoter / Curator Authorized promoter in China of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (Japan) Originator of China Art Triennale Project

Li xiao shan
Professor of Nanjing University of the Arts Director of Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Art (AMNUA)









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