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Vlaams Bouwmeester



All public and semi-public principals in Flanders can make use of the Open Call to find a designer for a landscape, urban planning, infrastructure or architectural assignment. To do so, the principal contacts the Team Vlaams Bouwmeester at the very earliest stage of the project. The aims, possibilities and preconditions for the assignment are discussed with the Vlaams Bouwmeester. If the Open Call turns out to be the right approach, the following ten steps are followed in tandem:

Twice a year, in January and June, the Vlaams Bouwmeester issues an Open Call with new projects. The list is published in the Bulletin der Aanbestedingen (Bulletin for Tenders) and in the European Union’s announcements. Aspiring designers can read an information section on the Vlaams Bouwmeester website, containing the formulation of the assignment, photos of the location, schedule, construction budget, design remuneration and the permitted basis for the overall fee for each project. Each project published is given a number comprising the number of the Open Call and a project number.



JULY, 2018



After allocation, the chosen design team draws up a definitive design in consultation with the principal. This design may have evolved considerably compared to the proposal originally submitted. So at this stage it is useful for the principal to be able to rely on the insight and advice of the external expert whom the Bouwmeester nominated as a member of the jury. He will be familiar with the parties involved, with the project and its background, and with the principal’s concept, and together with the project manager sees to the monitoring of quality as the final stage of the Open Call.








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