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Architectural Competition “Reviving NPAK”



Reviving NPAK
Since its conception in 1992, NPAK (or, as it is known internationally – Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art, hereinafter: the Centre) has played a crucial role in the evolution of contemporary art in Armenia and has firmly established itself as one of the main contemporary art venues in the Caucasus region.
The Boghossian Foundation, with the support of JHM Foundation and the Government of the Republic of Armenia, commissioned urbanlab to hold an open international architectural competition for the redevelopment of the Centre, as part of the executive board’s mission to revitalize NPAK and institute new strategies for self-sustainability and greater social impact. The current redevelopment project is a multi-stage plan for future growth, revivification and expansion. It aims to achieve a new culture of openness and knowledge production that would be concurrent with the current political reality of Armenia and hopes to engage the support of the Armenian Diaspora in the development of local creative industries.
Serving as a meeting point between the art community, the youth, general public, the creative and business sector, the revived Centre should become a facilitator between innovative artistic thinking, mass culture and industry.
Based on a new managerial model, NPAK’s redevelopment presents an opportunity to create the largest temporary exhibition space in Armenia, which will simultaneously serve as one of the key cultural, entertainment and educational hubs in Yerevan. Through a carefully calibrated reconstruction, the Centre will more than triple its existing space, creating multiple platforms for visitor engagement both on local and international levels. Key additions such as the in-house café, book and art store, rental facilities and a branded art-production house will ensure that the Centre can successfully operate as an institution that makes contemporary art not only accessible, but also an irrevocable part of Armenia’s everyday cultural landscape. With its professionally equipped exhibition spaces, auditoriums, residency programs and innovative public programs, as well as support from the Boghossian Foundation, NPAK will also become a focal point for strengthening the cultural and intellectual dialogue between Armenia, the Armenian Diaspora and the international community.
The purpose of the architectural competition is to find the best design proposal for the existing building, which needs to reflect the above-mentioned aspects through contemporary architectural language that is conscious of social and environmental responsibility, the importance for radical technical experimentation and the need to sustain a dialogue with the Centre’s legacy and its traditions.



Announcement Date: 25 March 2019

Proposal Submission Deadline: 25 June 2019

Selection Date: 2 July 2019

Winners’ Announcement: 3 July 2019

Exhibition Dates: 3 – 20 July 2019



The total award budget is 6’000’000 AMD (approximately 12’000 USD), which will be distributed between the below mentioned award categories։

1st: 2’500’000 AMD (approximately 5’000 USD)
2nd: 1’500’000 AMD (approximately 3’000 USD)
3rd: 1’000’000 AMD (approximately 2’000 USD) Jury’s mention(s): 1’000’000 AMD (approximately 2’000 USD)

The Jury must issue the entire award fund, regardless of awarding 1st or any other prize. The award budget is tax inclusive and required taxes will be deducted afterwards.






1. Philip Gumuchdjian, Architect, Gumuchdjian Architects (UK) 2. Albert Boghossian, Boghossian Foundation Co-Chairman (Switzerland) 3. Arthur Meschyan, Architect, Chief Architect of Yerevan (Armenia) 4. Eduard Balassanian, Architect, NPAK Co-Founder (Armenia, USA) 5. Misak Khostikyan, Architect, Art Historian (Armenia) 6. Nadim Karam, Architect, Artist (Lebanon) 7. Sarhat Petrosyan, Architect, Planner (Armenia) 8. Verena von Beckerath, Architect, Chair for Design and Housing at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (Germany) 9. Vigen Galstyan, Curator, Art Historian (Armenia, Australia)









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