TRANS PLAN 2018: Immersive Evolution Student Architecture Competition

Register September 30, 2018 | Submit October 5, 2018 | STUDENT ARCHITECTURE COMPETITIONS




Immersive Evolution



TRANS PLAN is an international student design competition organized by A2G (Architecture Gallery at the Faculty of Architecture University of Manitoba). The competition is open to all students registered in a spatial design (architecture, interior, landscape, urban, and so on) and or an exhibition design programs.

The challenge of TRANS PLAN 2018 is to design an immersive installation that evolves throughout the duration of the exhibition. The winning entry, selected by the jury, will be installed at A2G for public viewing for 50+/- days in the fall of 2018.

Design Brief

Can space evolve through its contextual and environmental agency? Can we devise an atmospheric and/or spatial evolution? Can we stage evolutive conditions as the main experience of a space?

In relation to a ‘responsive’ or a ‘streaming/feeding’ conditions, an ‘evolutive’ condition may assume dimensions/dynamics of accumulation or aggregation; together with its transmogrifying nature, it can discuss a sense of commitment and responsibility. The challenge of the competition is to [1] devise an algorithmic substructure/system for evolutive space and experience and to [2] plan out the logistics of fabrication and installation at A2G.

The proposed set up  (installation) is expected to be immersive and evolve over the duration of the exhibition, 50+/- days. The initial setup itself can be an immersive experience itself and or a form of discourse around the topic.

The proposal must be designed with the efficient and effective use of materials and fabrication/installation process in mind and all parts used in the proposal must be locally sourceable. A total budget of up to $1,500 CDN will be allocated as the project’s material budget, and basic woodworking and digital fabrication will be accessible at the faculty’s facility.



  • August 2018   _________Competition announcement
  • September 30st,  2018 ___Registration deadline (11:59pm CST)
  • October 5th, 2018 ___Submission deadline (11:59pm CST)
  • October 12th, 2018______Announcement of results
  • Fall 2018 (date TBA)_____Installation & Exhibition



No cash awards will be provided, other than the project budget towards the
material & fabrication






Clay Odom | School of Architecture Advanced Interior Design U. of Texas at Austin | USA

Darcie Watson | DFZ, Ryerson University | Canada

Joel Letkeman | Aarhus School of Architecture | Denmark

Johan Voordouw | Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism | Canada

Peter Hasdell | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design | China

Shane Williamson | Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design | Canada

Jae-Sung Chon | Environmental Design Program University of Manitoba | Canada







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