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Urban and architectural conceptual design and Study with recommendations  for urbanization of Sadine in Podgorica, Montenegro



The main objective of the competition is the selection of conceptual design of the highest quality, and Study that will serve as stable and checked basis for detailed elaboration through detailed urban plan of Sadine area (144 hectares), in accordance with Spatial-urban plan of Capital City Podgorica (Prostorno-urbanistički plan Glavnog grada Podgorice) that will follow after the proclamation of winning design and study.

Capital City Podgorica recognizes the urban space as valuable local and national resource which has to be given a special dedication, especially when it comes to defining undeveloped urban zones, have long been an integral part of the cityscape. Our vision of Sadine area is based on the principle of sustainability of future urban space, which is expected to be integral part of narrow urban suburb of Capital city. The sustainability, as the matter of fact, is the motive of elaborating of Sadine area through this competition and, what Capital City Podgorica aims is to choose the best Urban and architectonic conceptual design whose feasibility will be elaborated in detail through the Study, and contemporary and innovative design which will be incentive for upcoming urban and architectural designs is expected. Cthe notion of sustainability in the context of this competition means the following: dealing with local resources, whereby the special emphasis is placed on care of environment, usage of energy from renewable sources and adequate land management, infrastructure, waste, etc.

The forst prize design should offer should also offer the highest quality proposals in terms of feasibility and economy and profitability so it could become reliable basis for elaboration of this area with detailed urban plan.

Conceptual desing and Study should present Sadine area as re-urbanized, vital and comprehensive part of the city according to the principles of sustainability which will enable the he functioning of „the city in the city“, as a flexible spatial framework that will meet the needs of future users of space, giving the identity and originality of urban landscape, which will make the city recognizable.



Term for submitting questions – Participants can submit questions about the Competition to e-mail: by Friday, 16th February 2018.

Term for responses to questions – The Jury’s answers to the questions will be published on the Announcer’s website within 10 days from the expiration of the deadline for submitting questions or until Monday 26th February 2018. Responses will be available on the website until the deadline for the submission of Design and Study.

Term and place of works delivery  – The competition works are to be delivered at the archive of the Secretariat for spatial planning and development and environmental protection (second floor, office 19), at the address Ulica Vuka Karadžića br. 41, 81 000 Podgorica, by 15:00 hours on Monday, 30th April 2018.

The competition works may be delivered directly or by post.

If competition works are deliverd by post, postal note dated Monday, 30th April 2018 shall be valid.

Announcement of competition results – All participants shall be notified of the decision of the jury by Tuesday, 15 May  2018, when opening of envelopes shall take place with the note “DATA ABOUT AUTHOR”.

Results of the competition shall be published at the web page of the Secretariat and Ministry.



Gross prize fund is 135.000,00 euro. The jury shall award prizes in following amounts:

First prize                                       50.000,00 euro

Second prize                                  35.000,00 euro

Third prize                                      20.000,00 euro

Three redemption per                    10.000,00 euro






Prof. MSc. Arch. Dimitrije Mladenović, expert member and president of the jury
Prof. PhD Arch. Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews,, expert member
Prof. PhD Arch. Svetislav G. Popović, expert member
Prof. PhD Arch. Rifat R. Alihodžić,, expert member
Prof. PhD Eng. Biljana Ivanović, expert member
Dragana Čenić, Arch., representative of the Ministry of sustainable development and tourism
Zorica Rakčević, Arch., representative of the Announcer