RESILIENT DESIGN COMPETITION Free Student Architecture Competition

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The Marielle Franco Community-Design Award



Authors whose abstracts were accepted for the 8th ICBR now have the possibility, up to 30 June, to:

— submit a revised version of their abstract to be presented at the 8th ICBR;


— submit the corresponding paper (with between 3,000 and 3,500 words) – please note that the submission of a paper is NOT mandatory; it is only for the authors who opt to do so.

The submission period is now open on the  EasyChair platform.

You’ll find below the templates to be used for the formatted final abstract and final paper. These same templates are also available on the EasyChair platform once you log in.

Please review carefully this final version of your abstract (incorporating, among others, the improvement suggestions and corrections provided by the reviewers) and check its spelling and grammar, since it will be published as is (with no further peer review) in the Book of Abstracts of the 8th ICBR. For those authors also submitting a paper to the conference, please note that the final abstract (up to 500 words) is longer than the abstract to be included in their papers (up to 200 words).

For authors also submitting a paper, please keep in mind that the high-quality submissions will be considered for the different awards and publication opportunities linked to the conference (please check the “Awards & Publications” section).



The following deadlines have been updated:
30 June 2018  >  22 July: Deadline for the submission of revised abstracts

30 June 2018   >  22 July: Deadline for the submission of full papers

07 July 2018  >  22 July: Early Bird Registration close

30 July 2018  >  26 August: Closing of the reviewing process and full paper notifications sent

01 September 2018  >  23 September: Deadline of the revised papers

23 September: Deadline for booking for the Doctoral School for ICBR delegates



There will be a printed Book of Abstracts with ISBN and an e-Book of Proceedings with all full papers (with ISBN).

A selection of 60 up to 80 papers will be part of a very special publication by a top publisher and indexed to SCOPUS.

High quality papers will be selected for publication in the various top journals associated to the 8h ICBR, namely the Journal The International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (Huddersfield University; SCOPUS indexed), The International Journal of Architectural Heritage Conservation (Clarivate Analytics indexed), International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier, SCOPUS indexed) urbe. Revista Brasileira de Gestão Urbana (Elsevier, SCOPUS indexed).

The OC is working on a agreement with top indexed journals.