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RE-School 2018

Architecture Competition



The world is growing at a break-neck speed today and with rapid urbanization and industrialization, it is demanding a constantly changing human intellect. To face the gradual transformations, the upcoming generations need to be moulded in a way that they can cope efficiently with the variations. Education can help initiate this change by altering the mindsets and outlook of people around the world.

Over the last decades, education has evolved into a vital necessity for people belonging to all facets of the ever-changing world. An important agent of social change, education not only helps in moulding young minds with values but also guides their intellectual development and boosts the society’s potential for its own progressive transformation. Education can help in the eradication of many social evils such as poverty, poor health, scarcity of food and water, pollution and other stigmas.

UNICEF, with its campaign ‘Education for All’, aims to educate 110 million children and help them find a school, making them capable to effectively face the burgeoning challenges of the changing world In spite of its significance, millions around the world lose the opportunity to learn, owing to inaccessible locations and lack of facilities, a situation that needs immediate attention and remediation. The agenda of providing the prospect of education to the isolated population needs to take fore in today’s day and age.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela



13th October: Competition Launch
15th December Early Registrations Ends
16th December Standard Registrations  Begins
15th January Standard Registrations Ends
25th January Submission For Deadline



Total Prize – $4000
1st Prize
$ 2000

Volume Zero Trophy
Certificate of Achievement
2nd Prize
$ 1200

Volume Zero Trophy
Certificate of Achievement
3rd Prize

Volume Zero Trophy
Certificate of Achievement


Early Registration
Participants from India: INR 2000
Participants from other countries: USD 75

Regular Registration
Participants from India:INR 2800
Participants from other countries: USD 95







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