RE-IMAGINING THE GARDEN CITY Free Architecture Competition

Register December 13, 2019 | Submit December 13, 2019 | FREE ARCHITECTURE COMPETITIONS






The Competition will be held over two phases as outlined under Introduction and Invitation. Architects must have the right to practise in the country where he/she is qualified or in the country where he/she currently resides or practises. UK-based architects should therefore be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) with overseas-based architects registered with an equivalent regulatory body.

The following parties are excluded from participating in the Competition and may not compete or assist a Competitor in any way:

  • Members of the Judging Panel, anyone employed by the Promoter, their Advisers, or any third party who is connected to or supporting the selection process;
  • Anyone who is closely related or has any kind of dependence, or close professional relationship to a member of the Judging Panel, their Advisers, or any third party connected to or supporting the selection process.



Competition launch  Registration opens with interested parties able  to apply for supporting information
Wed. 17 Oct. 2018

Deadline to raise Questions on the Brief  Thurs. 08 Nov. 2018, 17.00 (GMT)  Memorandum issued in response to Questions   Tues. 20 Nov. 2018

Deadline to apply for Unique Registration Number   Tues. 11 Dec. 2018, 17.00 (GMT)

Deadline for receipt of design submissions  Thurs. 13 Dec. 2018, 14.00 (GMT)

Evaluation of design submissions commences  w/c Mon. 17 Dec. 2018

Judging Panel meeting  w/c Mon. 07 Jan. 2019 or  w/c Mon. 14 Jan. 2019

Shortlist & unsuccessful competitors notified  w/c Mon. 21 Jan. 2019

Issue of Feedback on Phase 1 schemes to Shortlist

Group site visit & briefing session for Shortlist   w/c Mon. 28 Jan. 2019

Fri. 01 Feb. 2019 (date Tbc)  Deadline to raise Clarification Questions

Fri. 08 Feb. 2019, 17.00 (GMT)  Memorandum issued in response to Questions

Fri. 15 Feb. 2019  Phase 2 submission deadline

Thurs. 07 March 2019, 14.00 (GMT)  Public exhibition &

community engagement events  w/c Mon. 11 March 2019 to

w/c Mon. 25 March 2019  Presentations to Judging Panel

w/c Mon. 08 April 2019 (Tbc)  Public announcement of result  Tbc






Jane Duncan OBE  Director, Jane Duncan Architects + Interiors  [acting as the RIBA Architect Adviser]   David Ames  Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation  Member of Board of Trustees (Tbc)   Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation  Katy Lock  Town & Country Planning Association  Gillian Hobbs  Building Research Establishment  Dr Susan Parham   University of Hertfordshire  Fionnuala Lennon  Homes England  Allan Simpson  Anglian Water







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