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Panca D’autore



Panca D’autore is a design competition aimed at developing a stone bench. It is aimed at Architects, University Students of the Faculties of Architecture and Secondary Schools.

Fielded by the Di Biase Marmi Company, it makes use of the Association of Architects of Benevento and Campobasso and the University.

The competition will be accompanied by four training events respectively on 9 February in Benevento, 14 February in Campobasso, on 23 March in Cusano Mutri (BN) and on 30 June in BN.

The Architects’ Orders have recognized 3 training credits for each training event and 5 training credits for the participants in the competition. Credits can be accumulated for a total of 14 c.f.

The competition aims to create a synergistic link between the ability to do that distinguishes the identity of Di Biase Marmi and the ability to think an innovative session, able to translate what are the current logic at the base of social living, of sitting in a space open, able to travel and interpret the ways in which the people of our time approach and use a session.

A point of contact between the world of work and the world of design.


The deadline for registration is February 28th 2018.



Participation in the design competition will entitle architects to the recognition of n. 5 credits and 3 training credits for each of the three events that will be organized