New Museum of Transport – Design Contest 2018-2019 FREE ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION

Register September 10, 2018 | Submit September 10, 2018 | Free Architecture Competitions



New Museum of Transport – Design Contest 2018-2019



In 2018, an international architectural competition will be announced to establish the Museum’s new exhibition and collection venues in accordance with the European and Hungarian regulations.

The aim of the competition is to select a team, who

  •  are prepared to fulfil the complex design requirements of a large scale project;
  • are sensitive to an inspiring, visitor-focused presentation of technical heritage and innovation;
  • view the location and the built structures as a resource for creative action;
  • can mobilise a complex range of expertise;
  • have experience in architectural design and exhibition design duties;
  • have the ambition to create a world class architectural complex;
  • are motivated to participate in establishing a new, leading, innovative institution.
The competition welcomes ideas for interventions and programming in areas outside the immediate boundaries of the brief.The Competition Jury will consist of internationally renowned architects, museum leaders and professionals, the delegates of the Hungarian Government, who finances the project, the City of Budapest and other professional representatives. The Museum intends to sign a contract with the winning entry’s authors for the full planning process, including concept, permission and construction plans.

Public procurement procedures regarding the implementation of the museum complex will be conducted based on construction plans. Construction is expected to take place between 2020 and 2022.



2018. August 9., 10:00: Start of registration

2018. August 13., 17:00: The completion of the pre-qualification forms can be started from

2018. August 21., 16:00: Time limit for questions regarding the pre-qualification phase

2018. August 27., 16:00: Time limit for answering questions regarding the pre-qualification phase

2018. September 10., 16:00: Time limit for submission of requests to participate

2018. September 21., 16:00: Announcement of the results of the pre-qualification phase

Design phase

2018. September 24., 16:00: Start of design period, invitation of Contestants

2018. October 8., 13:00: Site inspection

2018. October 11., 13:00: Site inspection

2018. November 9., 23:59: Time limit for questions

2018. November 30., 23:59: Time limit for answering questions

2019. January 21., 16:00: Time limit for submission of designs

2019. February 28., 16:00: Award announcement






Dávid Vitézy

Director of the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport

Dr. Ferenc Makovényi PhD

architect, a delegate of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects

Dr. László Baán

Director of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery


Prof. Enric Batlle PhD

architect, landscape architect, founder of Batlle I Roig

Nóra Demeter DLA

architect, a delegate of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects, founder of Demeter Design Studio


Zsolt Füleky

architect, Deputy State Secretary of Architecture, delegated by the Prime Minister’s Office

Dr. Balázs Fürjes

State Secretary for Budapest and its Agglomeration


Prof. Pedro Gadanho

architect, curator, author, Director of the MAAT in Lisbon

Dr. István György

government commissioner of the Government Office for Budapest


Judit Z. Halmágyi DLA

architect, founder and managing partner of ZHJ Architects

Pieter Jonckers

Director of Trainworld Brussels

Kócziánné Dr. Szentpéteri Erzsébet

historian, retired Director of the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport


Miklós Mártonffy

architect, Head of the Urban Planning Department of the Municipality of Budapest


Dr. Sándor Pap

Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of District 10 Kőbánya

Marcela Steinbachová PhD

architect, Architect of the Year 2016 – Czech Republic

Tamás Wachsler

architect, leader of the Steindl Imre Program

Nóra Winkler

art journalist, television presenter
Alternate Member

Csaba Horváth

architect, director of capital projects and operations
Alternate Member

Samu Szemerey

architect, founding member of the Contemporary Architecture Center




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