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Model Young Package



The Model Young Package is a competition focused on paper products. We accept prototypes of packaging made of corrugated or smooth cardboard and other paper materials. The aim of the competition is to select winning designs (artworks) that best meet the assignment. For particularly successful designs, the Promoter can approach the author for completion and realization of the design for production.
The theme of the competition is Unboxing Experience. Pack any of your favorite products in such a manner, that everyone will want to share it on Instagram! We all love unwrapping gifts! Unboxing videos have become a huge hit on Youtube in recent years. However, the right packaging experience is preceded by a sophisticated packaging design. Each package has to go a long way from the manufacturer, through e-shop and delivery services to the customer‘s hands. Throughout the journey, the packaging has to protect the product greatly for the big finale – unboxing. We are looking forward to our packages, we are full of expectations. The moment of unpacking is the most challenging for designers. How can the customer enjoy more, how can we surprise them, bring something extra? How do we make that short moment really special, while the packaging also still works perfectly?
Now we look forward to your version of such functional packaging. Show us your vision of an awesome Unboxing Experience that will be so great that everyone will want to share it!
The competition is announced as international, one-round, open and anonymous. Competitors can subscribe to the following categories:
1/ High schools – Students of secondary schools and colleges 2/ Unlimited – University students and designers of any age
Participants artwork will be accepted if they have previously registered via the online registration form.
The contestant submits their artwork as a functional model in a measuring scale of 1:1, the work must be a functional prototype, if it is openable, it must be able to open. The model must be made in high quality with consideration of the possibility of representation and exhibition purposes.
The competitor does not attach any portfolio to their work, only the packaging will be included in the evaluation. The work submitted only in the form of a sketch on a CD or in a portfolio are excluded from the evaluation. There is no entery fee. Costs for the artwork and postage are paid by the participant. The artwork does not return to the contestants and it remains in the archive of the Promoter.



COMPETITION DEADLINE: 20th of May 2019 The registration form will be open until: 20th of May 11:00 CET
Award ceremony will be held in September 2019 in Prague, Czech republic



Unlimited Category • 1st place 2000 EUR • 2nd place 1200 EUR • 3rd place: 800 EUR
High Schools Category • 1st place 1200 EUR • 2nd place 600 EUR • 3rd place: 400 EUR
Special prizes will also be awarded: • Innovation center Model Obaly Prize • CZECHDESIGN Prize
One winner will receive a 3-week paid internship at the Innovation center Model Obaly.






To be announced soon







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