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The Lampa Award Lampa and Desall



New product design contest on Lampa and Desall invite you to the new edition of the Lampa Award, with the aim of exploring innovative solutions for technical accessories for clothing items dedicated to street wear world, including tuck catches, cord stoppers, buckles, fasteners, stopper lace, rings, hooks and carabiners.


Company description

Lampa is a company active in the industrial design and production of accessories for the most important brands in the Italian and international fashion, with a long experience on the field and a relevant know-how that make it one of the main players in this industry. Thanks to a careful management of the whole product development process and to strategic partnerships, Lampa can offer to their clients highly customised solutions, choosing the most suitable materials according to the product typology required and observing a quality standard of excellence. In addition, the entire production flow is carried out in full compliance with environmental and energy awareness, by employing cutting-edge systems for the reduction of environmental pollution and a better waste disposal.



Upload phase: 11th December 2018 – 11th February 2019 (1.59 PM UTC)Concept revision: 11th January 2019 (1.59 PM UTC)
Client Vote: from 11th February 2019
Winner announcement: approximately before the end of April 2019



1°: €3000
The selection of the winner by Lampa will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented.

Option right
For the duration of the option right, the Sponsor offers an extra chance to all participants setting a fee of Euro 1,000.00= (one-thousand/00) for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

For more info, please login and read the Contest Agreement from the upload page. For questions about the brief please use the “Have a question” button or write to We invite you to download the PDF of the brief for some extra guidelines and advices for your submission.










For more information about this competition, please contact us.