International Fashion Design Awards ’19 FREE STUDENT ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION

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International Fashion Design Awards ’19



Why is that when we see a person, we are able to tell a lot about them without even talking to them? The accessories we use, the clothes we wear, texture & materials of our apparels, they not only just cover a body but also define a persona. Fashion helps in expressing a person’s unique sense of style.

Fashion is the way we choose to present ourselves in front of others and to the people around us. That’s something a person shares with the creative professionals who take fashion from concept to consumer.

UNI International Fashion Design Awards ’18 seeks to recognize and honor such exceptional fashion designers across the globe. Fashion Designers who have helped others to express their style and define their persona. We are inviting Fashion Designers who were able to create signature style and have used color and movement to create stunning outfits which evoke feelings of excitement, passion and longing. We will acknowledge some of the outstanding designs and promote it at a global scale through our online platform, media partners, social channels and also in the form of an annual book presenting the best designs across globe.



Submission Starts : 05th September 2018

Review Mid-deadline starts : 15th December 2018

Public Voting starts: 20th December 2018

Submission ends  : 30th January 2019

Public Voting ends : 20th February 2019

Announcement of result : 21st April 2019



Citation Winner
(Each category) x 12
Trophy + Medal + Certificate (Professionals) – (For realized projects only)
Special Mention
Each Category x 12
Medal + Certificate (Professionals) – (For realized projects only)
Student’s Award
(Each Category) x 12
Medal + Certificate (Students only) – (For realized projects only)
People’s Choice Award
(Each Category) x 12
Medal + Certificate (Open for Professionals + Students) – (For realized/concept both











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