International Eyewear Design Contest 2018

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International Eyewear Design Contest 2018



The goal of this contest is to identify and honor creatively innovative product ideas in the area of corrective frames and sunglasses.

– The contest is geared toward university-level students in programs of study that emphasize creativity or graduates who have completed.

– The design concepts draw on and expand upon the latest trends in fashion and design. The contestants are free to design frames for women or men. With respect to the choice of materials, contestants should use materials that are processed on an industrial scale.


– Previously published works may not be submitted. All personal data will be handled in strict confidentiality, not transmitted to third parties and destroyed after the contest is over. OWP Brillen GmbH is responsible for the technical and organizational administration of the design contest.

– Contest participants grant their consent to make their works available for purposes of publication and exhibition. The Contest Organizer reserves the right to make minor alterations to design form (especally in respect of feasibility and

correct product technology).

– The copyright remains the property of the contest

participants. All designs not awarded or not purchased shall remain property of the designers. With the contest entry, the designer declares his or her full acceptance of all terms and conditions of the Request for Proposals (RFP).




2017 December – Publication of the contest terms and conditions; notfication to universities

2018 July?/?31 – Closing date to submit contest entries

2018 October – Meeting of the Jury

2018 November – Prize-winners announced

2019 January  – The winning contest entries and selected drawings will be displayed at the OPTI 2019 trade show in Munich.



1st Prize: € 2,000.00 or, alternatively, a 4-week internship in the OWP Design Department including travel, accommodations and board.

2nd Prize: €1,000.00

3rd Prize: € 500.00



Alfredo Häberli
Vicky Heiler
Christian Metzler
Werner Paletschek
Dagmar Hagen
Sandra Ribeiro
Daniela Wenzl