HONOLULU ConnectS: CULTURE AND PERFORMING ARTS CORRIDOR Free Student Architecture Competition

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HONOLULU CONNECTS: Culture and Performing Arts Corridor



Building Voices is a series of efforts, events, dialogues that collect diverse perspectives surrounding DESIGN as a framework for addressing the contemporary challenges and opportunities facing Hawai‘i.
Building Voices aims to: • Promote the value of design to create positive impact in the built and natural environments. • Debate complex issues surrounding the Hawaiian archipelago. • Learn from a broad spectrum of local and global perspectives. • Engage designers with the community and the state and local government. • Collect diverse ideas and collaborate on shaping an agenda for change. Challenge HONOLULU CONNECTS: Culture and Performing Arts Corridor is the second iteration of the Building Voices Design Competition. Honolulu Connects is a single-stage student design competition seeking innovative design solutions that address Hawai‘i’s unique geographic location, cultural richness, global visibility, and ecological diversity. The challenge is to conceptualize and propose designs for three distinct locations in Thomas Square, Hawai‘i’s oldest public urban park.
This competition aims to: • Highlight prototypical solutions for the built environment that generate a positive impact for the natural world. • Celebrate designs that foster a deeper understanding of the unique context(s) of the Hawaiian archipelago. • Spotlight hybrid projects that impact and benefit multiple populations. • Foster communication between designers, political institutions and the larger community through catalytic projects. • Recognize design that says “What is good for Hawai‘i, is good for the world.” Background Honolulu has become a highly urbanized area that holds many similar challenges as other urban areas throughout the world however, given its rich history and traditions it possess many unique opportunities to implement innovative and creative design in an area which provides the City of Honolulu with a space for people to interact and enjoy the unique culture and performing arts community.



09.13.18 – Competition launched / Online registration opens / Question and Answer period opens*

10.30.18 – Submissions are due at 12 midnight HST 11.03.18 – Design Jury

11.14.18 – Winners announced at the 2018 AIA Design Symposium – Building Voices: Livable Cities and Communities *Answers to all questions will be posted to the competition website.



1st Place: $1,000 and project to be displayed at AIA Honolulu Design Symposium

2nd Place: $750 and project to be displayed at AIA Honolulu Design Symposium

3rd Place: $250 and project to be displayed at AIA Honolulu Design Symposium Awards will be distributed at the discretion of the jury.

Award winning and other selected projects will be featured in the AIA Design Symposium – Building Voices Exhibit, at the Convention Center in Honolulu on November 14, 2018 and will be included alongside other selected entries on the Building Voices website. A jury of notable professionals, academics, and public officials will decide competition winners. The jury will be announced via the Competition Website. The decisions of the jury will be final and unalterable, and the jury thereby reserves the right to leave any prize vacant, or partially award prizes.



Student Pre-Registration Fee: Free before October 22,2018

Late Registration Fee: $20 after October 22, 2018









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