Fassa Bortolo Italian Prize for Sustainable Architecture 2018

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Fassa Bortolo Italian Prize for Sustainable Architecture


The International Prize for Sustainable Architecture, founded and promoted since 2003 by Fassa S.p.A. registered holder of the trademark “Fassa Bortolo”, and the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary aims to reward and promote to a wider public valuable architectural projects environmentally conscious and sustainable, designed for satisfying the needs of men and therefore able to fulfill the needs of future generations also by limiting pollution and the indiscriminate consumption of resources.

Since the 2014 Edition, the “International Prize for Sustainable Architecture” alternates each year the international professionals competition with the “Fassa Bortolo Italian Prize for Sustainable Architecture”: a new section open to young authors of Graduation theses, PhD, and post-graduate Master dissertations carried out in Italian Universities.

For the XIII Edition in 2018, the event will welcome the participation of Graduation theses, Postgraduate and PhD works, Master and Continuing education courses dissertations which focus on: the realization of new buildings, the re-qualification and/or extension of existing buildings, urban and landscape design works, as well as industrial design elements or any other aspect of the planning and construction fields particularly relevant in terms of sustainability.


Register 1st March 2018
Submit 4th April 2018


The ” Fassa Bortolo Italian Prize for Sustainable Architecture ” is biennial. During the XIII Edition of 2018 “Graduation theses, PhD, and post-graduate Master dissertations” three Prizes will be bestowed, one for each of the following sections:

Sustainable Architecture and Technologies;
Sustainable Urban and Landscape Design;
Sustainable Industrial Design.

Each winner will be rewarded with a gold medal; the panel of judges may also assign for each section a silver medal. Furthermore, there will be a 9.000,00 € prize money that the panel may share among the gold and silver medals’ winners at its discretion. If suitable, the panel of judges may also select further projects for each section worthy of Honorable Mentions.

The panel reserves the right to not reward any project in one or more categories, whether the contributions were not considered laudable.


The participation fee is 80,00 € per project, regardless the number of members that make up the project group; the payment must be done within 11:00pm on 04/04/2018 through the link on the home page of the Prize’s official website (www.premioarchitettura.it) ) which will redirect you on the “Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca” IT system, in charge of collecting the fees. In case of a project submitted by a group, this payment must be made in the name of the group referent (the person who has made on-line registration on behalf of the group).






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