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Customer Innovation Centre



The centre will showcase how Johnson Matthey applies cutting edge science to create innovative, sustainable solutions to its customers’ complex problems. The preferred site for this new centre is at Johnson Matthey’s Sonning Common facility, near Reading, which is the base of its corporate science and technology centre. It is expected that the building will be an innovative and flexible space where individual visitors and small or large groups can be accommodated in an integrated experience. The site is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and as such will need careful design and presentation for planning.

At the first phase, Expressions of Interest are invited from innovative, multi-disciplinary design teams. It is intended that a shortlist of four design teams will be selected to prepare initial concept design proposals.



4 September 2018: Expression of Interest submission deadline

10 September 2018: Judging Panel meeting to select shortlist

17 September 2018: Shortlist notified and issued with Phase 2 brief

24 September 2018: Site visit and briefing session for shortlisted teams

5 October 2018: Deadline for submission of written questions

10 October 2018: Issue Memorandum in response to questions

19 October 2018: Deadline for submission of design proposals

22 October 2018: Final interviews and presentations to Judging Panel

November 2018: Result Announced






Jo Wright, Arup, RIBA Architect Adviser
Director, JMTC
Technology Manager, Research Support Services, JMTC
Site Services Manager, JMTC
Finance and Administration Manager, JMTC
Communication Specialist, JM
Representative from content design company
Representative from CIC Project Steering Committee, JM
Representative from Ridge as QS
Senior Competitions Manager, RIBA Competitions







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