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Welcome to the fi rst ever edition of annual Brilliant Brand Awards.

An international awards scheme that celebrates creative excellence and consistency across branding design, brought to you by UNI, the world’s only collaborative web community of creative people.

This awards will showcase some of the best and fi nest branding design projects ever created around the creative industry.

UNI’s Brilliant Brand Awards has been created to recognize, honor and celebrate outstanding branding and visual communication designs that represent the highest level of creative originality and design excellence. We are inviting branding designers and industrial designers across the globe to submit their entries which will be judged for design innovation, versatility, visual ingenuity, practical applicability, aesthetics, need and usage. We will acknowledge some of the outstanding designs and will promote it at the global scale through our online platform, media partners, social channels, and also in the form of an annual book presenting the best designs across the globe.



Submission Starts : 20th June 2018

Review Mid-deadline starts : 13th October 2018

Public Voting starts: 18th October 2018

Submission ends  : 18th November 2018

Public Voting ends : 20th December 2018

Announcement of result : 31st December 2018



Citation Winner

Award + Certificates each category for realized projects only


Best Idea/Concept Award

Award + Certificates each category for concept projects only

(Open for Student & Professionals)

Student’s Award

Certificates each category for Realized and Concepts (Open for Students only)

People’s Choice Award

Certificates each category for realized and concepts

(Open for Student & Professionals)

Winning entries will also be entitled for other perks from UNI

Get featured on our media partner websites

Get featured on our bi-annual book

Communication to Magazines

UNI Gold designer’s Mark on your project

Option to commercialize your designs via UNI

UNI Relevance index for your design

UNI’s Relevance index for your profile.

Exclusive Interview opportunity for winners










For more information about this competition, please contact us.