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Transient Spaces_Calll for Contributions



Transient Spaces, a publication project originated at The City College of New York Spitzer School of Architecture (SSA) by faculty members whose research and studio practices engage with the themes of transiency, activism and dwelling in contexts of impermanence and crisis, where the demand for belonging and community building challenges the agency of design and our roles as architects and educators.

The aim is to build a platform to reveal academic and professional practices as a meansto expand the dialogue among design, policy professionals and the communities they are engaging with.

The publication will include the work of artists,scholars,students, architects, engineers and actors from humanitarian support mechanisms. Our goal isto gather texts, projects and visual explorations of multiple mediums under these categories:

Transiency / temporality_ pre?existences_ adaptation
Refuge / shelter_ refugee_ immigration_ displacement
Identity / community building_ belonging_ participatory design_ conservation
Border / enclosure_ camp_ territory_ policy_ resources


Register February 15, 2018

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