2018 Creative Art Partners Virtual Architecture and Exhibition Design Competition FREE STUDENT ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION

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2018 Creative Art Partners Virtual Architecture and Exhibition Design Competition



CREATIVE ART PARTNERS, with the sponsorship of art collector Stefan Simchowitz, is excited to announce the inaugural edition of a biennial virtual architecture and exhibition design competition—an opportunity for architects to develop low-risk, digital interactions between art, architecture, and viewer that depart from the traditional museum and gallery white box model.

We recognize that most architectures remain unrealized and exist solely within the archives of design firms and industry publications. Such projects are flexible, productive, and provocative real estate for staging web-based digital art exhibitions. For us, online infrastructures have proven unconventional, yet highly effective grounds for engagement with the arts.

The primary objective for participants is to curate a virtual art exhibit using a physically unrealized
project from their archives as a site. Applicants will submit their final layout via a set of eight or fewer digital media files. A ‘digital media file’ in this case is defined as any file format viewable on a website which does not require specialized softwares or hardwares. Examples include renderings, architectural drawings, video walkthroughs, VR (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, etc), or photography, among others.

A successful entry will effectively demonstrate a firm’s unique architectural sensibilities, curatorial
prowess, innovativeness of show design, and originality and effectiveness in the documentation of the virtual exhibition.

We strongly recommend that participants hold a restorative eye to their archives instead of conceiving new projects expressly for this competition. Their selections should not be museum or gallery typologies.

Think outside the white box. Upon registration, participants will be provided with a link to a cloud folder that contains a sandbox of high-resolution images of over five hundred artworks by forty-three artists from around the world. It is then up to the participant to curate from this selection, to stage the show, and to document accordingly. Both solo and group exhibitions are valid.

As such, firms will gain access to the contact information of some artists, should they wish to
collaborate more closely over the course of this competition. Others have geographic or linguistic barriers which make collaboration difficult, or are simply too occupied with projects of their own.

The submission process is exactly four-months long, running from 08.16.2018 to 12.16.2018. A
diverse panel of judges will select the twelve most successful projects and publish them for online
exhibition, one per month, in alphabetical order of participants’ titles. This same committee will also
select the two winning entries, which will be named at the culmination of the year-long exhibition period.

This panel is multi-disciplinary in nature, consisting of well-established architects, critics, historians, and philanthropists, the names of whom will be made public at the end of the judging process. The first-place entry will receive a 10 000 USD prize, and the second, a prize of 3 000 USD.

Additionally, the two winning firms will be invited back in consecutive years to curate and exhibit more shows, should they wish to do so.

To initiate the application process, a firm must email a brief introduction demonstrating interest
to organizer Injinash Unshin at injinash@creativeartpartners.com. Please be sure to include the email addresses of all parties wanting access to the cloud-based competition package. Also note that this competition is open to practicing firms only.



The portal for submissions will open on 08.16.2018. It will then close on 12.16.2018 at 8:00PM EST



The first-place entry will receive a 10 000 USD prize, and the second, a prize of 3 000 USD.









For more information about this competition, please contact us.